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Data Replication with IGS-Replicator

Move Data intelligently

IGS-Replicator is a business solution for the data exchange between databases.

Most software solutions use databases for storing their data. The increasing interlinking of the systems by concurrent optimization of the workflow requires the quick and reliable exchange of data between databases.

Many database manufacturers already provide applications for the exchange of data on their own databases. But unfortunately the data exchange with products of other manufacturers is almost not supported or is restricted.

To close this gap, IGS-Replicator offers the following capabilities:

  • Independently of manufacturer: IGS-Replicator can work with nearly every database on the market.
  • Easy to operate: IGS-Replicator displays the required information clearly. The set up of the replication instructions can be done in most cases purely graphically.
  • Temporal flexibility: The bandwidth of the temporal application possibilities spans from the manually launched unique operation up to time-controled repetitive execution.
  • Flexibility in usage: The behaviour of IGS-Replicator is customizable to your various requirements and to those of the respective databases.

More details about the functionality of IGS-Replicator are shown at IGS-Replicator - Operation mode.

Beside the technical features IGS-Replicator is released with a license model, that is oriented at the customers needs.

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