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Test Data Generator TDG 2.0

Creating and managing test and mass data in SQL databases

Test Data Generator TDG is a tool to generate test and mass data in SQL databases.

The new TDG version 2.0 (scheduled for availability in Q3 2015) comes with a considerably wider range of functions in a highly functional and easy to use interface.

TDG uses ODBC for database connections. Nearly all of the database management systems on the market support this technology and are therefore usable with TDG.

TDG creates flexibility. For every target database scenario TDG can create and manage an independent set of test data. A test data set designed for a database can be transferred to another database (in case of a compatible database model).

TDG conserves resources. A connection to the external database is not permanently required. The definition of test data and their creation is completely offline feasible. For only the creation of a project and for the insertion of test data an active database connection is required.

TDG saves time. Test data definitions can be saved internally and are reusable. The project development is thus easier and faster. Lots of functions are highly automated and have a very short execution time.

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