IGS Software-Entwicklung
About us

Evolution and Progress

IGS Software-Entwicklung was founded more than 30 years ago.


In the past and present, an essential part of our company philosophy is openness.
To all people, not just to our customers and employees.

Openness leads to the recognition of weaknesses and the improvement of results.
It leads to the realization that there is often more than one truth and thus leads to respect.
This leaves doors open, which might otherwise have been unfavorably closed.

There are no companies, there are no states. There are only people. And every person deserves respect.

A collaboration of people always has a mutual goal - the benefit of all associates.
A perfect cooperation leads to satisfaction and this leads to beauty.
Work is then no longer a burden, it is a joy.

We see ourselves as part of the world. We like working with people from other cultures and other parts of the world.
They are an enrichment for us and we want to be that for them too.


In the beginning, we developed solutions for process control engineering for well-known customers, mainly from the automotive industry.

With the increasing market penetration of network-compatible PC and server systems and the availability of stable SQL databases, we turned into a system provider that delivered complete systems for the processing of company data, including the required hardware, for our customers.
We supplied standard software systems for operating data acquisition, personnel time recording and sales management as well as individual solutions for production data acquisition and order management.

After this phase we parted from the hardware business and expanded gradually our product portfolio with additional standard solutions for the software development (test data generator) and the database tools (system-independent replication).
For this purpose, we developed especial functional and modular components and procedures under C ++ and C #, such as an embedded database or the recognition of relations in a database.

Currently we are working on the conversion of one of our standard products to a REST-based web interface, in order to make full use of the possibilities of mobile devices.

We offer our products and services partially for the German-speaking countries.
Another part is internationally oriented and is offered worldwide.