Test Data Generator 2.0
Simplify and speed up the creation of test data

Why create test data with the TDG 2.0?

Because the test data generator TDG 2.0 now contains properties that make the creation of test and mass data in SQL databases exceptionally productive and which were not previously available.

What does TDG 2.0 support?

Read more details on the topics Database Analysis, Automatic Creation of Definitions, Preview und Managing Test Data.

Analyzes the Database Catalog

Through its new scan technology TDG examines the structure of a database catalog.

Based on this information, TDG 2.0 recognizes the referential integrity between the tables in the database and complies with this rules while inserting test data.

This scan have to be done only once if the database structure does not change.

The knowledge about the catalog data of the database is the basis for most of the subsequent operations.

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Analyze Database Structure
System Formulas

Create Test Data Descriptions automatically

The fastest method to generate test data is to let do TDG 2.0 the definition of test data.

Refine the test data descriptions for a certain database field manually if you want to have a more specific look.

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Preview Test Data

TDG 2.0 comes with a pretty new feature - the preview of your test data!.

You can always see the appearance of your test data descriptions as they would look in the database.

You can easily test different test data definitions without having to write them to the database and delete them!

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Preview screen
Managing Collections

Managing Test Data

TDG 2.0 not only generate test data but also let you manage the instances of your test data definitions.

Create a Collection for each test data scenario you want to have, no matter if for different databases or for the same database.

You can create as many test data scenarios for the same database as you want.

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