dbExame 4.0
Analyzing SQL Databases

Get to know your Database

dbExame is a solution, which analyse SQL database structures in that depth and granularity you need.
dbExame works with any database, which supports the ODBC interface.

The core of dbExame is a 32-bit DLL. It comes with a simple application program that lets you connect to a database via ODBC and delivers structural data like catalogs, schemas, tables, keys, indexes, constraints etc.
In this way you can use dbExame as a solution.

Or you can build your own solution around dbExame or integrate it in an existing application by using it as an external DLL. By using dbExame function calls through its interface, you can obtain the specific structural information of the connected database you want.

Catalog Data Sample

dbExame detects:

The size of the target database (means here: the number of database tables and table columns) doesn't matter.
dbExame can analyse databases of any size.

Table Data Sample

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