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Download and Purchase Test Data Generator 2.0

Download TDG 2.0 (Demo Version)

Get your free TDG-Copy (approx. 107 MB) by pressing the button below:

Run the installation process online or by execution of the downloaded file SETUPTDG20.EXE.

Important information:

The following functions are restricted in this demo version:

TDG 2.0 is shipped with 4 predefined collections. They belong to the demo version and are intended for testing purposes only. These predefined collections can be used without limitations.

After activation, the predefined collections are cleared automatically to provide a clean system.

We recommend the installation on a local drive, otherwise Windows® will not display the help file correctly.

TDG 2.0 is currently available in English. Other languages on request.

Purchase TDG 2.0

After purchasing a license of TDG 2.0 you will get your personal activation key.

Entering this key into the 'Activate' screen will unlock the restricted features.

After restarting TDG 2.0 you can immediately use this product without limitations.